Holistic Dental Rejuvenation

Holistic Dental Rejuvenation is a focused approach to dentistry based on biology and scientific research. Observation of the chewing system is a comprehensive evaluation of how your mouth functions and ensures that the jaw joints are stable, facial muscles are relaxed, and teeth are not worn. The goal of bio-rejuvenation is for patients to experience improved functionality and long-term oral health, as well as beautiful aesthetics that preserve the natural teeth as much as possible while keeping patient comfort a priority.

What is Holistic Dental Rejuvenation Dentistry?

Holistic Dental Rejuvenation dentistry focuses on ensuring that the jaw hinge is working properly, the muscles of the mouth are not needlessly tense, the teeth are not being ground or worn down, and the teeth/jaws are in proper alignment.
Dr. Herre describes the role of bio rejuvenation dentistry
This method of dentistry not only seeks to improve the functionality of the teeth and jaws, but also the aesthetic appearance of the face and mouth. In a way, Holistic Dental Rejuvenation combines cosmetic dentistry with functional dentistry.

There is more to maintaining oral health than brushing one’s teeth and having an ideal bite pattern. The health of the mouth—and whole-body health by extension—depends on several related factors. Through the practice of Holistic Dental Rejuvenation, the team at Herre Holistic Dental KC makes efforts to improve the structure, appearance, and function of the mouth and all of its components.

Conditions We Treat With Holistic Dental Rejuvenation
By improving the functionality of teeth and jaws, patients who are suffering from the following health conditions may notice significant improvements in their symptoms.

  • Facial tension and pain
  • Earaches
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches / migraines
  • Poor sleep quality
  • TMJ pain, stiffness, or popping
  • Tooth fractures
  • Gum recession
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Airway issues

Holistic Dental Rejuvenation dentistry is safe, non-invasive or minimally-invasive, and highly effective. The practice seeks to determine the root cause of medical disorders that interfere with the way the mouth and connected body systems function. By discovering the source of an issue, our team can work toward enhancing the foundations of an individual’s health.

Facets of Holistic Dental Rejuvenation Dentistry
Dental teams that employ the use of Holistic Dental Rejuvenation to enhance a patient’s overall wellbeing do so with three main facets in mind.

  1. Holistic Dental Rejuvenation works to improve chewing by encouraging the teeth and jaws to function in proper alignment.
  2. Holistic Dental Rejuvenation seeks to properly align upper and lower teeth so that they contact one another in an ideal manner, free from excessive force, grinding, chipping, or clenching.
  3. Holistic Dental Rejuvenation strives to give the teeth proper form, which improves their natural beauty and functionality at the same time. Strong, properly-shaped teeth are not only more attractive than worn down teeth, but they’re also more capable of chewing food.
Holistic Dental Rejuvenation and Holistic Healthcare
In addition to improving the way that the teeth and jaws function, Holistic Dental Rejuvenation dentistry can improve a variety of existing health issues. Because the improper alignment of the teeth and jaws can exacerbate the symptoms of medical disorders, correcting the issue can aid patients and their medical providers in reducing the pain and discomfort they experience.

The body is a complex system of connected parts. As such, when one section is not working the way it should, other components are forced to accommodate the issue and attempt to work around it. When the source of the problem is corrected, the remaining systems can regain their intended function.

If we compare the body to a factory, an error at the front end of a production line can damage or even destroy mechanisms across the board. There’s not much improvement when the resulting errors are repaired, because with the initial error ignored, the issues will occur again. However, once the initial error is corrected, the systems that follow it can be brought back to working order without risking additional damage.

Holistic Dental Rejuvenation adopts a similar approach in treating illnesses and disorders.

The Mouth-Body Connection

At Herre Holistic Dental KC, our dental professionals understand that oral health is very closely connected to whole-body health. As such, it is our goal to provide the best possible care for our patients, not only to improve their oral health, but their whole body well-being by extension.

If you’re experiencing headaches, tooth sensitivity, or trouble sleeping, you may very likely benefit from Holistic Dental Rejuvenation dentistry. The procedures we utilize aim to improve posture, reduce tension, prevent damage to the teeth, ease the jaw into the ideal position, and open the airway to facilitate optimal breathing.

We welcome you to give our office a call and one of our team members will schedule an appointment for you at your earliest convenience. We at Herre Holistic Dental KC can’t wait to help you take advantage of optimal oral health and as a result, improved holistic wellness. Call us today at 913-491-4466 or request an appointment.


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