Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that impacts an individual’s sleep quality and overall health by frequently stopping and restarting the breathing sequence throughout the night. Individuals suffering from sleep apnea stop breathing while they’re asleep, and it can last for only a couple of seconds, or it can last long enough to be hazardous.

Our holistic approach aims to relieve the unpleasant symptoms our patients experience as a result of sleep-disordered breathing. We’re pleased to provide effective options that allow our patients to take advantage of better sleep, more energy, and an enhanced sense of well-being.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a type of breathing disorder that impacts an individual’s sleep quality and overall health because the natural sequence of breathing is interrupted throughout the night. Individuals suffering from sleep apnea stop repeatedly breathing while they’re asleep, and the interruptions can last anywhere from a couple of seconds to more than a minute.

There are various types of sleep apnea:

  • CENTRAL SLEEP APNEA occurs when the brain fails to send proper signals to the muscles responsible for breathing control
  • OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA is the most common form of sleep apnea, and many individuals with this form of the disorder utilize a CPAP machine to treat the issue, though many sleep apnea patients find the breathing masks uncomfortable and disruptive. This form of sleep apnea occurs when the throat muscles relax enough to block the airway.
  • COMPLEX SLEEP APNEA occurs when both of the former types of sleep apnea are present

Sleep apnea can range in severity, from inducing snoring and being generally bothersome, to interfering with sleep quality and being a hazard to one’s health.

A medical illustration comparing a normal airway, a partially obstructed airway, and a completely obstructed airway

Airway Issues and Snoring

Snoring is another issue that many people contend with when they go to sleep. While having sleep apnea may induce snoring, there are other breathing issues unrelated to sleep apnea that contribute to snoring as well.

For example, if an individual frequently snores, the issue may be due to the anatomical structure of the throat and mouth. Having thick soft palate tissue can cause an individual to snore, as can having the throat muscles relax too much during sleep.

A deviated nasal septum or chronic nasal congestion may also contribute to the frequency of snoring a person experiences.

Finally, the position a person sleeps in, or the amount of alcohol they consume in an evening may also lead to snoring.

While it’s usually not a big deal to snore every once in a while, chronic snoring indicates a health issue that may be improved with medical intervention.

Diagnosing Sleep-Disordered Breathing
Many people who suffer from sleep apnea seek out alternative treatment options due to the unpleasantness of having to depend on the aid of a CPAP machine.

At Herre Holistic Dental KC, Dr. Tim Herre takes steps to correctly diagnose sleep apnea and other airway issues, as well as determine the underlying causes. In doing so, Herre Holistic Dental KC performs comprehensive sleep apnea and airway evaluations which include detailed examinations of the head, neck, teeth, and jaws.

In addition, our team carefully analyzes a patient’s medical history and prescribes home sleep tests to get a better understanding of an individual’s sleep patterns.

Sleep Tips
Dr. Herre discusses the importance of getting a good night’s sleep to improve overall health
Nasal Breathing
Dr. Herre describes the difference between nasal and mouth breathing and how breathing impacts overall health
Sleep Tips
Dr. Herre discusses the importance of getting a good night’s sleep to improve overall health.
Nasal Breathing
Dr. Herre describes the difference between nasal and mouth breathing and how breathing impacts overall health.

Airway Treatments for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Depending on the root of the issue, Dr. Tim Herre can help patients develop a treatment plan that fits their needs. Our team believes in including and educating patients about their own health so that they are most able to make informed decisions about the options available to them.

Our treatments are natural, non-invasive, and usually start with developing jaw strength, being that one of the key causes of airway restriction stems from underdeveloped jaws.

Dr. Herre discusses the sleep apnea appliances he likes to use for adults
By using dental expansions and treatment methods that align with those of sleep medicine professionals, ENTs, and oral surgeons, Herre Holistic Dental KC seeks to correct airway issues as gently as possible.

Our patients receive holistic care when it comes to sleep apnea and snoring treatment. Rather than simply prescribing a CPAP mask to control the symptoms of sleep apnea, we aim to discover the underlying factors that led to the development of the disorder.

If you live in the Kansas City or Leawood area and you find yourself tired even after a decent night’s sleep, or you’ve been told that you snore, we welcome you to book an appointment at our Leawood office. Our team can perform a full evaluation and develop a holistic treatment plan for your sleep apnea or snoring issues. Call us any time to book an appointment with Herre Holistic Dental KC.

Fatigue and difficulty concentrating are unfortunately common issues people struggle with, but despite being a regular part of life, it doesn’t mean they should be written off as unimportant.

For individuals who suffer from daytime fatigue despite going to bed at a reasonable time, the cause of this excessive tiredness may be due to sleep-disordered breathing.

Instances of sleep-disordered breathing can have a lasting negative impact on a person’s well-being, but fortunately, these conditions are treatable through the application of holistic medical practices.

A list of sleep apnea symptoms
Sleep Apnea in Adults
Millions of adults across the US suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a condition that causes individuals sudden breathing interruptions while they sleep. These breathing lapses can last anywhere from a few seconds to a full minute, which disrupts sleep quality and leads those with the disorder to feel tired even after what they believe is a full night’s rest.

Sleep apnea is not uncommon, but unfortunately, it goes undiagnosed and untreated in most of the population. In fact, only around 5% of people with sleep apnea receive a diagnosis and treatment for their condition.

This may be due to the individual being unaware of the breathing interruptions, and writing off the symptoms they experience as unrelated issues.

Symptoms of Sleep-disordered Breathing
Sleep-disordered breathing can be difficult to pinpoint when an individual isn’t sure what symptoms to watch out for. Because the instances of interrupted breathing may go unnoticed by individuals and their housemates, it’s a good idea to be aware of the symptoms brought on by breathing issues.

Symptoms of sleep apnea and other breathing disorders include:
Mouth-breathing during waking hours
Snoring at night
Uneven breathing pattern
Fatigue during the day
Difficulty concentrating
Behavioral issues in children

While these symptoms may be related to other health conditions when an individual only experiences one or two of them, having several of these symptoms present is often indicative of sleep-disordered breathing.

Pediatric Sleep / Breathing Disorders
Sleep-disordered breathing is not exclusive to adults, unfortunately, as young people also experience sleep apnea and other breathing conditions that negatively affect their development.

When parents become concerned about their child’s health, attention span, behavior, or sleep quality, it’s a good idea to schedule an airway evaluation with a trusted dental professional.

Because a child’s mouth and orofacial muscles are still developing, it’s not uncommon for airway issues to interfere with his or her sleep quality. Simply not receiving enough oxygen during sleep can negatively impact the degree of rest that an individual gets at night. This negative impact can very easily cause problems in other facets of life.

While many children experience somewhat mild symptoms, and may even outgrow sleep-disordered breathing, others contend with the unpleasant symptoms they experience well into adulthood.

Holistic Treatment Options
At Herre Holistic Dental KC, our dental team understands the importance of high-quality sleep, and as such, we seek to evaluate, diagnose, and treat sleeping and breathing disorders, both in adults and children.

Using bio-rejuvenation, we can determine the proper position for our patient’s jaws to rest. This simple correction allows individuals to achieve maximum airflow through optimally opened airways. By facilitating a healthy airway, our treatment can help patients enhance their overall health, improve sleep quality, and as a result, sharpen their focus during the day.

Holistic Dental Rejuvenation at Herre Holistic Dental KC is safe, non-invasive, and doesn’t require the use of medication. It’s a holistic technique that naturally encourages the mouth and airway to remain optimally positioned. This way, patients of all ages can take advantage of much better sleep quality. As a result of non-obstructed airways, patients not only sleep better but can improve their overall quality of life through better rest.

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